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Hose Fittings And Adapters Suppliers Introduces The Use Of BSP


    BSP Thread Fittings refer to threaded pipe fittings, which are the most common pipe fittings in industry and life. Hose fittings and adapters suppliers introduces Features of BSP Thread Fittings:

    1. The joint has high strength and good ductility, which can give full play to the strength and ductility of the steel base material.

    2. The connection is convenient, fast, and easy to operate.

    3. Convenient and intuitive detection.

    4. The straight thread of the steel bar can be prefabricated, and the sleeve can be produced in a factory, which does not take up the construction period and has high processing efficiency.

    5. No electricity, no gas, no open flame operation, no oil leakage, and no pollution during the construction connection. It can be constructed all-weather.

    6. It has strong applicability and can be operated flexibly in densely arranged steel bars in a small site.

    7. It can connect horizontal, vertical, and oblique HRB335 and HRB400 steel bars with the same diameter or different diameters.

    Through the above introduction, Hydraulic Fittings Company hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.