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The NBA 2K games have turned into the round of the century thro

  • Knowing the player's dunk ratings and verticals to figure out the extent to which they can do the elite and professional dunks is essential NBA 2K MT. This also helps you to determine if you are able to perform the standing or running dunk to a particular guard, forward, or center.

    Dunking is a particular skill that awards not only two points but also a lot of scores from spectators too. People must be skilled, though, to know when to hit the dunk or opt for an easy jump when there's an opponent ahead. Dunks are attractive but the main thing is to get the points.

    NBA 2K22 allows players to have more control than ever before in order to ensure they can score in whatever way they think best in the moment. Don't attempt a dunk when there's a shot blocker in the air, or try an unidirectional dunk in case the opponent is blocking your player's dominant hand while driving.

    Oscar Robertson was a 12-time All-Star and a one-time winner of the MVP award, and claimed an NBA championship during his glittering 14-season stint in the NBA. The 'Big O' was the first player to have a triple-double on average during the entire season (and remains the only player to do so other than Russell Westbrook).

    In the same league as the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar during the Bucks' 1971 title victory Buy 2K22 MT, Robertson was a 2-Way Shot or Point Guard. NBA 2K22 rates his playmaking at 92, Outside Scoring at 90, while his Layup score is 99.