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The halfcourt offense is likewise played through Madden

  • EA Play subscribers who do so will be given the chance to complete an exclusive Ultimate Team challenges from October 7 through October 15. These challenges will also allow players to unlock exclusive characters' items Madden 22 coins, sets and packs ahead of when other players have their hands on the game.

    NHL 22 players are also able to get players also get the EA Play Halloween Set from the early access date of October 7 until October 31. This pack comes with an World of Chel EA Play Bag, which includes a full Halloween-themed vanity set that includes a pair of skates, sticks and gloves to decorate their hockey players with.

    What these items will exactly look like is yet to be discovered, but it's surely a good addition to the gameplay for EA Play subscribers to enjoy as soon as the game launches. If you're a hockey fan who has not played EA's series, NHL 22 is available for download on the two platforms of EA Play in addition to Xbox Game Pass for any players who want to check it out prior to when the next game is released.

    It is great to find EA Play offering extra perks and bonuses for subscribers on top of the massive collection of games subscribers can access. It will be fascinating to find out what EA Play perks come to Battlefield 2042 for subscribers as well as other EA titles. It is hoped that the program will continue to grow for those who love the studio buy madden coins, that is likely to happen as the long as EA continues to support it just as it has done.