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Madden season officially kicks off when the annual cover model

  • Although the NFL may not be at the top of the mind of football fans just yet, Madden season comes up fast. For some gamers, it doesn't even comes to an end as league players and MUT enthusiasts team-build all year long Mut 22 coins. But for many players Madden season officially begins when the annual cover-star has been announced. Don't look now, but this moment is right around the corner.

    We can anticipate Electronic Arts to announce the Madden 23 cover star in June, if timelines from the past are an indication. However, up until then, we are left to speculate. Each year, the sportsperson who is deemed the Madden cover star provokes speculation, debate, and excitement from different pockets of fans.

    For decades for a long time, for a long time, the Madden design has always been seen as to be the most famous and often-discussed sports sim art piece in the world. While other series, such as FIFA and NBA 2K now invite their own debates about their cover designs however, the Madden cover has been a point of great debate for well over two decades already, and every the spring or summer months, the discussion is revived.

    There's never a shortage of star athletes to grace the cover, and a part of the excitement is in seeing who can successfully guess -- or at the very least make a case for--who will appear featured on the cover when the next edition of Madden releases every August. This year's game will be no any different, featuring a few of players who are in their prime as well as younger players already making early arguments about their potential Hall of Fame inductions.

    With all that in mind, we've made a an inventory of those we think will be on with the covers of Madden NFL 23. Who do you think will appear featured on the cover this year?

    Herbie was fully loaded this season, only one game that was atypically chaotic overtime one step away from making the playoffs. The 2022 season is where Herbert along with the Chargers are the most exciting team to watch, since free agency signings have bolstered the roster, giving Herbert the best chance of beat the competition buy mut coins madden 22. EA could see this victory coming soon and offer Herbert the cover in August so it appears to be a brand of psychics in January.