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Lost Ark has four unique Drops accessible to open as groups pro

  • Another kind of limited time event, they usually reward Pirate Lost Ark Gold, particularly those that require defeating a Ghost ship. You can access them through by clicking on the Voyage tab.

    Una's Missions

    Una's tasks are a good supply of Pirate Coins (and Lost Ark gold, in fact). There are eight distinct tasks that reward you with coins. They offer different levels of rewards depending on how you do:

    A long day at work

    Like the Wind Like the Wind

    Defensive Warfare

    Pest Control

    Crook Catcher

    To maintain the Fermata's maintenance

    Bleak Night Fog

    She Drifts She Gives Sea Gifts

    This is probably the most lucrative source - the highest level in Defensive Warfare, for example it can earn you 36.000 Pirate coins.

    Currency Exchange

    We've mentioned Sea Coins above; there are many exchange traders which can exchange Sea Coins for Pirate Coins. These merchants are situated in the ports of each region and aboard Tea and Libra Guild vessels.

    This is all we know about how to obtain Pirate Coins within Lost Ark. There's also a slim probability of finding bundles of coins via fishing, but we wouldn't recommend using this as a standard farming plan best place to buy Lost Ark Gold. If you're looking for additional tips check out our guide on how to increase your level within Lost Ark quickly, which is also a part of the Lost Ark Power Pass can aid in.