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While some players will choose to play Diablo 2: Resurrected

  • Anyway, these servers all have their own regional databases that hold the data of the characters that play on them cheap d2r items. This is needed because there's too many people using Diablo 2 to just continually upload all of their data to a only one central point.

    "Most of your in-game actions are carried out against this database as it's quicker, and your character is "locked" in this database in order to preserve the character's record integrity. The global database also includes backups in the event that the primary database fails. fails,"These regional databases periodically send info back into the central database, so that way Blizzard can keep a single database (with backups) of your Thicc Level 88 barbarians, necromancers, and the like. All sounds good until that central database gets overwhelmed and the entire system, just like the engineers who work on it, requires an afternoon nap.

    "On the morning of Saturday, Pacific hour, our servers had an outage throughout the world because of an unexpected, substantial increase in traffic. This was a brand new threshold that our servers had not ever experienced, not even prior to launch," Blizzard explained.

    This was exacerbated by an update we'd launched on the previous day that was designed to improve the performance associated with game creation-these two factors combined overloaded our global database, which caused it to crash. We took the decision to reverse that Friday update that we had previously deployed hoping to ease the load on the servers leading into Sunday while giving us the time to study the root of the issue.

    On Sunday, though it was clear that what we'd done on the previous day wasn't enough. On Sunday, we saw an even greater rise in traffic that caused us to experience another downtime cheap D2R ladder items. Our game servers were aware of the database's absence and attempted to connect, repeatedly, which meant the database could not be able to finish the work we'd completed due to it being too busy dealing with a constant stream of connections made by game servers.