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How long does it take to reach level 70 in WOW TBC Classic?


    As we all know, the highest level of WOW TBC Classic is 70. Reaching the highest level is half the battle. At the same time, players more and more WOW TBC Classic Gold. You can focus on the game content. But the highest level is not achieved overnight. Leveling up requires a lot of time investment, and we have to do it in stages.

    The first 48 levels of WOW Classic are very important because the first 48 levels are equal to the last 12 levels you have experienced before transitioning to Outland. Once you reach level 48 and start playing premium content, the effort required between each level will increase exponentially. Ordinary players need about three to four days of game time to reach level 60 and level 48 and begin to take the next step toward the highest level.

    The XP required to reach LV50 is very high. When you start to realize how many missions, dungeons, and other opportunities to gain XP, you will not easily end the game to complete the mission. In addition to the original XP you get in level 50 missions, the number of monsters required to complete missions in certain areas is also astronomical. You will gain experience passively as if there is no tomorrow.

    Leveling from lv 50 to lv 60 should take about a day or two of game time. If you play the game at a random speed, it will take approximately two to three weeks of actual time.

    Once you step into the dark door, Running in from 60 to 70 may require a lot of effort and requires twice the experience of going from 1 to 60. The total experience value from 1 to 60 is only more than 3 million, and about 6.5 million XP to 60 to 70 levels are required. In short, be prepared for a long journey that may take a long time.

    If you are at level 63 and are still working on the Hellfire Peninsula, then you should go to Zangar Marsh or even Terokkar Forest. When upgrading through a foreign domain, the biggest suggestion we can make is that when you see tasks in the new area, please accept them as soon as possible.

    Assuming you spend all your time playing WOW TBC Classic, you need about 8 days to reach level 70. Considering AFK time and downtime, it may take 9 to 10 days to reach the highest level. However, the time it takes for players to level up is not absolute. You can Buy TBC Classic Gold directly from MMOTBC to improve your game efficiency, no matter where you are, any time you place an order, We will quickly complete the delivery to meet your game needs.