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Best Hunter Pets For PVP and Leveling In WOW TBC Classic

  • In the Classic TBC, we know already that Hunter won't just become among the finest DPS professions amongst the game, but one of the most popular professions. More and more players choose to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold from With the introduction of level 58 promotion, following the two professions of hunter or warlock appeared towards the top of most DPS level lists, many players decided to promote.

    PVP Best Hunter Pet
    The arena, especially the Scorpid we mentioned earlier could be your best choice. The cat's extra stealth does prove useful, but we think it's tough to surpass the superimposed damage that Scorpid Poison could cause. There is just one Scorpids model in World of Warcraft but there are few colors to choose from.

    The Best Leveling Pet
    If you decide on BM, you will see that most pets met the criteria, however, if you want something special, we recommend that you select a Boar. With some good active and passive abilities, as Gore mentioned previously, plus the addition of Dash and Charge, the Boar is usually a reliable pet. Although there is merely one model, you can certainly find them it doesn't matter what faction you play.
    Another choice is bats and owls. Bats will be more focused on horde, while owls are more suited to alliances. Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold can help you level up faster than other players. The main feature they feature is the aoe threat generator with Screetch, which almost all other pets lack. Unfortunately, the looks and hue of bats and owls are incredibly limited, so you'll want to find one you like.