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Choose the fabric that suits you


    What is shu velveteen fabric

    Shurong feels soft, has no hair and no balls, and has various styles. It is a knitted fabric that has risen and become popular in the past two years. It is widely used in the production and processing of clothing, toys, and bedding, and is favored by large domestic and foreign clothing factories, supermarkets, and traders. Especially in the field of toys, it is very popular.

    Its warmth retention is good. So it is often used for plush toys, blankets, and clothing linings, and some are also used on the surface of gifts and casual shoes. It is made by weaving, selecting two production costs, and finally dying. With its warmth and environmental protection, the price is lower than the cost of fleece, so the market is gradually becoming a reasonable substitute for cashmere.

    PV plush fabric is also called Korean velvet.

    The main component is polyester. Types can be divided into light, dull, and semi-gloss. It has the advantages of non-shedding and various styles. It is also a fashionable knitted fabric for the past two years.

    PV plush fabrics are mainly used in pajamas, children's clothing, clothing linings, and toys. Interior accessories, etc., in recent years. The material is also becoming more and more popular in the home textile industry.

    PV plush also has many advantages. Next, I will give you a brief description. Its texture is fine. It is soft to the touch, does not ball, and does not fade. No skin irritation, no allergies. Beautiful appearance and rich colors.

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