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What are the advantages of Shu velveteen fabric


    PV plush fabric is also called plush fabric or Korean fleece.

    The main component is polyester. Types can be divided into light, dull and semi-gloss. It has the advantages of non-shedding, non-shedding, and various styles. It is a fashionable knitted fabric in the past two years.

    Knitted PV plush fabrics are mainly used in pajamas. baby product. Children's clothing. Clothing lining. Shoes and hats. toy. Interior accessories. Crafts. Home accessories and other materials. Last few years. The home textile industry is becoming more and more popular.

    PV plush has many advantages for your reference:

    Fine texture. Soft touch, no ball. Do not fade. However, due to the knitting principle, it will shed a little hair, no irritation to the skin, no allergies, beautiful appearance and rich colors.

    Shumian cloth is also called Sherbab. It is similar to the fleece fabric, but the wool is soft and has better warmth retention. It is mainly used to line plush toys, blankets and clothes. It is also popular for surface lining of gifts and casual shoes.

    It is made of polyester filaments by large circular knitting machines (small and medium-sized), knitting, drawing, and finally dyeing, with low cost. Compared with polar fleece, soft fleece fabric has the same plush, warmth and environmental protection, but its cost is lower than fleece. The market is becoming a reasonable substitute for velvet.

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