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Get rid of open space with teeth bridge

  • May 11
    San Salvador Dental Clinic aims in providing holistic healing approach for the treatment of our patients. We also provide a host of cures and treatments for a wide range of dental treatments faced by the patients. Few of the dental process that we offer range in inducing repairs and filling in the tooth, undertaking root canals, undertaking root canal surgeries, bridges and implants, applying crowns, extractions and teeth whitening of discolored, milky, disfigured teeth.

    We are one of the [b]best dental clinic in manila[/b] providing affordable [b]teeth bridge cost Philippines[/b]. Our dental clinic is also listed under dentists, orthodontist doctors. We also strive in our venture to provide you with a relaxing atmosphere at our clinic combined with hospitality, luxurious setting and state of art dental equipment.

    The teeth bridge is usually placed in case of a missing teeth or tooth on either side of the open space. The teeth of each end of the space is used and prepared as anchors for the support.

    We have wide range of bridges and crowns. Such as:

      • Porcelain fused to metal

      • All ceramic crowns

    The main mission of our dental clinic is:

      • Adding value to your health by providing healthy, beautiful smiles with the help of high quality dentistry along with personalized care.

    Our aim is:

      • To become a name in household when it comes to most caring, trusted and reputed dental clinic in the city.

    Services offered by our Dental Clinic:

      • Dental surgeries

      • Night guards

      • Root canal

      • Teeth bridge

      • Kids dentistry

      • Gum treatments

      • One sitting root canal treatment

      • Replacement of missing or broken tooth

      • Teeth whitening

      • Smile makeovers

      • Dental implants

    We have impeccable team, supreme hospitality and hassle free dental solutions.

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