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  • November 10, 2021
    FIRST LOOK AT THE 12 NEW CHARACTERS FROM LEGO MINIFIGURES SERIES 21! Notice anything different? We’re only getting 12 minifigures in one complete set now, which is a massive, massive change to LEGO’s Collectible Minifigures series.To get more news about kopf Minifigures, you can visit official website. The 21st series of LEGO’s beloved blind bag series will be available some time in January 2021. According to Brickset, they’ll come in boxes of 36 and 72 with 3 and 6 complete sets in each, which suggests no chase, or rare minifigures which is a really nice development.The Dolphin Trainer/Surfer Girl is pretty neat, and the print on her torso is giving off some heavy Paradisa vibes. I’m also excited to get a non-Friends dolphin! The Carnival Singer is also really neat – I love her ornate feathery hairpiece and the heavy makeup on her face, which is going to be perfect for fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race!This is totally not Tom Hanks from Castaway but a generic Desert Island Survivor minifigure. Shame they didn’t include a volleyball, which probably would’ve been too on the nose but that new Hermit Crab piece is awesome! Probably my favourite new element introduced in this series! Fans of LEGO Fantasy are going to be delighted with the addition of the female Centaur, or Centauresses if you want to get technical. It’s going to be a cheap and accessible way to build an army of these, and I have no doubt that she’ll be the most popular minifigure in series 21. The Beekeeper minifigure is awesome as well – an occupation that I’m surprised took LEGO so long to produce. Really love the honeycomb printed tile – I can imagine using a ton of these for a backdrop or to re-enact your favourite scenes from The Bee Movie. The Ladybug Costume Girl is a brilliant new addition to LEGO’s Animal Costume Series. The printed ladybug tile is so cute, and I can’t wait to see what her back looks like!The Space Riot Police is on-hand to quell any nasty uprisings or political protests in space. Do all Blacktrons matter? The printed Riot Shield is nice, and so is the Classic Space logo on his armour. The Violinist minifigure is really cute, and I love the great new fiddle accessory included. Look a little close, and you’ll notice that this young virtuoso is also a Blacktron fan! Lastly, we have an Alien Prisoner, probably on the run from the Space Riot Police. He has an interesting new unique head but otherwise, seems a little plain.As always, I’m always very excited about a new core LEGO Minifigures series, although I’m in two minds about the smaller collection size. On one hand, I do like the equal distribution across boxes and no rare/chase minifigures caused by artificial scarcity, and with only 12 minifigs to collect, will be much easier on the wallet. On the other hand, it just doesn’t feel right not to have 16 minifigures, and for longtime collectors, will probably throw a few display setups off.