What does the use of Wanxiang energy saving bring

  • What are the advantages of a universal joint manufacturer, and what is its structure?

    1. The cross universal joint can make the two shafts that are not on the same axis, the axis bend angle is large, and the axial movement is large, and the two shafts can rotate continuously at equal angular speed.
    2. The cross universal coupling reliably transmits torque and movement. The biggest feature is its large angular compensation ability.
    3. The cross universal coupling adopts an integral fork, which makes the transportation more reliable.
    4. The cross universal coupling has compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise, long service life, and convenient maintenance.

    The cross universal coupling is suitable for transmission and transfer of mechanical shafting in metallurgical machinery, heavy machinery, petroleum machinery, engineering machinery, lifting and transporting machinery, rolling stock, light industrial machinery, precision machinery and control machinery, etc. and other heavy machinery industries. Moment.

    The assembly technology of the cross universal coupling: When assembling, remove the burrs and clean all parts. When assembling, ensure that the center lines of the middle two welded fork bearing holes are on the same plane, and the allowable difference should not exceed 1°. Sliding freely, the joints should be rotated flexibly to clean the surface. Except for the flange end face and the end face key, apply anti-rust grease, and the rest should be painted with anti-rust primer once and then sprayed.

    Maintenance method of cross universal coupling: regular lubrication, it is recommended to inject oil once a week, and once a day under high temperature conditions. In order to increase the service life of the universal coupling, the cross shaft is adjusted 180 degrees every time it is disassembled so that the cross shaft journals can be used alternately.

    The cross universal coupling has a variety of structural types: the biggest feature of the cross universal coupling is that it has a large angular compensation capability, a compact structure and high transmission efficiency. In practical applications, it is divided into heavy, medium, light and small according to the torque transmitted by the universal joint shaft. Cross shaft type cross universal joint, ball cage type cross universal joint, ball fork type cross universal joint, bump type cross universal joint, ball pin type cross universal joint, Ball hinge type cross universal joint, ball hinge plunger type cross universal coupling, three pin type cross universal coupling, three fork rod type cross universal joint, three ball pin type cross universal joint Shafts, hinged cross 5-7126X 6H2577 universal joint, etc., the most commonly used is the cross shaft cross universal joint, followed by the ball cage dragon cross universal joint.