The characteristics of universal joint coupling

  • The drum gear 57x152mm universal joint for TRUCK GU7630 3874100031 1651229 coupling belongs to the rigid-flexible universal joint coupling. It has the ability to compensate the axis deviation in the radial, axial and angular directions. Compared with the CL type spur universal joint coupling , It has the advantages of compact structure, small turning radius, large carrying capacity, high transmission efficiency, low noise and long maintenance period.

    So what are the common faults of drum gear universal joint couplings?

    1. The center deviation of the drum-shaped gear universal joint coupling is too large, and the relative displacement of the tooth surface is large;
    2. The material is poor and the tooth surface hardness is too low;
    3. Insufficient lubrication or dry grinding;
    4. The oil is not clean;
    5. The gear design of the drum-shaped gear universal joint coupling is not reasonable enough, the tooth top interferes or the machining accuracy is not high;
    6. Excessive installation interference causes the head gap of the tooth to disappear;
    7. The oil is of poor quality, and the oil contains acids or sulfides of universal joint for truck.