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Features Of Precision Universal Joint

  • As a key "part" of the universal transmission of the automobile drive system, the precision universal joint can be said to have a great effect. Today we will talk about the characteristics of the precision universal joint .

    The precision universal joint is used in transmission applications where the angle between two axes on the same plane of the connection space is β≤45°. It can be divided into single cross-type, double cross-type, retractable type, and flange type. It has the characteristics of large transmission torque, long service life, and wide application range. Its application especially provides favorable conditions for the technological transformation of the metallurgical industry and the upgrading of mechanical products. In the middle, a block body and a sliding bearing can be used to transmit large torque, and the use of needle roller bearings can increase the speed, theoretically reaching 4000 rpm. The special design can reach 10,000 revolutions per minute.

    As the application of universal joints continues to increase, so do problems. After using it for a long time, various problems will follow one after another, but there are also some minor problems. In response to these problems, the universal joint manufacturer is also constantly researching and improving. Up to now, many problems of the universal joint have been solved. Shortly, the universal joint will get better and better and closer to perfection.