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Learn The Pre-install Location Of The 5-7126X 6H2577 Universal

  • The universal joint is a very important part of the car, the combination of universal joint and driveshaft, known as the universal joint transmission device. However, there are many types of universal joints, one of which is the 5-7126X 6H2577 universal joint .

    In the front-engine rear-wheel drive vehicle, the universal joint transmission device is installed between the transmission output shaft and the drive axle main reducer input shaft; In front-engine, front-wheel-drive vehicles, the drive shaft is omitted and the universal joint is mounted between the front axle, which is responsible for both driving and steering and the wheels. The common quasi-constant speed universal joint has two kinds of double coupling and three-pin shaft, their working principle and double-crosses shaft universal joint to achieve constant speed transmission principle is the same.

    There is also a kind of universal joint is the cross shaft type universal joint, there are many types of subdivision, such as 3102-2201025 Russian universal joint cross .