What should be paid attention to when installing and using univ

  • First of all, when disassembling, transporting, and storing U-Joint With Slotted Bearings, care should be taken to avoid collision and stacking. When the vehicle is started, try to avoid using the vehicle's inertia to start the engine, which will impact the universal joint bearings.

    Secondly, when driving, you should pay attention to keep the gear shift smooth and avoid the situation of violently lifting the clutch pedal. As far as possible, when the vehicle brakes, the transmission is in neutral or the clutch is disengaged to prevent transmission overload.

    Third, it is necessary to frequently check the sealing conditions of the support bearing, cross shaft bearing and sliding spline in the middle of the universal joint bearing, and replace the failed oil seal in time. Grease is often injected. In order to make each bearing of the universal joint fully lubricated, the lubricant must be squeezed out from the oil seal of each bearing. Lubricate the intermediate support bearing until it is extruded from the vent hole of the front bearing cover.

    Fourth, when using universal joint bearings, you must check whether the positioning of the engine, drive axle, and intermediate support beams meets the standards to ensure the normal operation of the universal joint bearings.

    Finally, the connecting bolts that fasten the drive shaft and support the various components must also be checked frequently, and the diameter, axial clearance, cross shaft axial clearance, cross shaft of the support bearing in the universal joint bearing are also frequently checked. The clearance between the bearing, the bearing and the universal joint cross fork hole, and the circumferential clearance of the sliding spline pair; ensure that the transmission shaft does not bend, dent, and the balance sheet falls off.